Fayetteville: A Brief History

Fayetteville: A Brief History

Considering our historic roots, we are deeply invested in what connects us to our community. We wanted to share some of Fayetteville’s history that makes us proud to be a central part of this town. 


The city of Fayetteville is named for George Washington’s friend and aide, Marquis De Lafayette. During the Revolutionary War, Lafayette served as an ally to American colonists and their efforts. In the 1820’s, Fayetteville was named the county seat and built what is now known as the oldest courthouse in Georgia.


After being raided by the Union cavalry in 1864, post Civil War Fayetteville rebuilt and recovered. The railroad that ran between Atlanta and Fort Valley, passing through Fayetteville, began operations in 1888. With this, Atlanta extended its city limits to reach the courthouse. In 1902, the Fayette Depot was built to serve the railroad and its community. This chain of events fostered growth for the town and allowed it to become what it is today. 


Come check out the Fayette Depot to get a firsthand look at the historic roots of our venue, and find out what makes us the perfect space for your next event. 


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